About Us

The Generating Company breaks down the barriers between circus, dance and theatre. We create visual shows for any performing opportunity and in any venue.

Our mission

  • To create work that reflects our ever-changing society through circus
  • To constantly improve and achieve a higher standard with every production
  • To take advantage of present surroundings and circumstances to develop new ideas for artistic expression
  • To create a working environment that fosters creativity and inspiration
  • To generate work that can be sustained by the artists

Artistic Policy

Our aim is to generate original work through the talents of individual artists, making this work through a consistent discovery of creative ideas and applying a devising process that promotes growth. We draw inspiration and context from present day influences.

We create original performances for the widest possible audiences across the world, from conceptualising cutting edge performance to delivering astonishing contemporary circus shows.           

The Generating Process

We have learnt from extensive experience that to fully realise an artist’s vision the technical and production support needs to draw on project planners, structural and mechanical engineering and architectural design.

Our History

The Generating Company was formed from the Millennium Dome Central show, it was an idea  by Dome Creative Director Mark Fisher and Production Manager Paul Cockle. The company created ‘Storm’, it’s first show which opened in the Combustion Chamber at The Circus Space in Hoxton in 2001. From these beginnings the company grew, making its own shows and delivering worldwide shows and events.

In 2006 and 2007 the Generating Company played live to over a million people with original shows performing and touring on three continents.

The company is now led by Artistic Director Abigail Yeates and has become internationally recognised for producing original physical and circus productions.

See Paul Cockle’s original appearance on Dragon’s Den here.

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